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Chrome pigment(Pigmentos de Cromo) High performance pigment(Pigmento de alto rendimiento) Organic pigment(pigmento organico)
Solvent Dyes(Colorantes solventes) Metal Complex Solvent dyes(Metal complejo de colorantes solventes) Iron oxide(oxido de hierro)
Titanium dioxide(El dioxido de titanio) Special carbon black(Negro de carbon Especial) Pigment Preparation(Preparacion de pigmento)
Resins(Resinas) Metal oxide pigment(Pigmento de oxido de metal) Dyestuff(Colorante)
Ultramarine blue(azul ultramarino) Effect pigment(pigmento de efecto) Flush pigment(pigmento flush)
Disperse dyes Sulphur Dyes Acid dyes Direct dyes Vat dyes Basic dyes Reactive dyes Cationic dyes


C.I.NO The Equivalents Code
Solvent Yellow 2 (KKK)Orient Oil Yellow GG DMC-203
Solvent Yellow 14 (BASF)Orient Oil Yellow 220 DMC-204
Solvent Yellow 16 (BASF)Orient Oil Yellow 146 DMC-205
Solvent Yellow 18 (MRT)Morplas Yellow 9 DMC-206
Solvent Yellow 33 (BASF)Oplas Yellow 136 DMC-207
Solvent Yellow 56 (BASF)Sudan Yellow 150 DMC-201
Solvent Yellow 93 (BASF)Thernoplast Yellow 104 DMC-202
Solvent Yellow 98 (HDC)Elbaplast Flucrescent Yellow G DMC-208
Solvent Yellow 114 (BAY)Macrolex Yellow G DMC-209
Solvent Yellow 163 (BASF)Waxoline Yellow 5RR FW DMC-210
Solvent Yellow 176 (HST)Solvapexm Yellow G DMC -211
Solvent Orange 60 (ORIENT)Oplas Orange 230 DMC-503
Solvent Orange 63 (HOE)Hostasol Red GG DMC-504
Solvent Orange 86 (BASF)Sodam S Orange 261 DMC-506
Solvent Red 111 (BASF)Waxoline Red MP EW DMC-601
Solvent Red 13 (ORIENT)Oplas Red 330 DMC-602
Solvent Red 146 (HDC)Eibasol Red 3B DMC-603
Solvent Red 149 (KEY)Keyplast Fluorescent Red G DMC-604
Solvent Red 179 (ORIENT)Oplas Red 338 DMC-607
Solvent Red 23 (HDC)Elbasol Red P DMC-608
Solvent Red 24 (BASF)Sudan M Red 380 DMC-609
Solvent Red 25 (KRAS)Krasol Dark Red G DMC-610
Solvent Red 52 (BASF)Waxoline Rubine TR FW DMC-611
Solvent Red 195 (BASF)Thermoplast Red 454 DMC-612
Solvent Red 196 (HDC)Elbaplast Fluorescent Red 2B DMC-613
Solvent Red 197 (HDC)Elbaplast Red G DMC-614
Solvent Red 207 (KEY)Keyplast Red M 6B DMC-615
Vat Red 41 (HDC)Elbaplast Red B DMC-616
Solvent Green 3 (BASF)Alizarine GreenBase DMC-401
Solvent Green 5 (BASF)Fluovol Green Gold 084 DMC-402
Solvent Green 28 (BASF)Waxoline Green 6GFW DMC-403
Solvent Blue 35 (BASF)Sodan Blue 670 DMC-1004
Solvent Blue 36 (BASF)Sodan Blue FB DMC-1005
Solvent Blue 78 (HDC)Elbaplast Blue G DMC-1012
Solvent Blue 97 (DYSTAR)Macrolex Blue RR DMC-1013
Solvent Blue 104 (HDC)Elbaplast Blue R DMC-1014
Solvent Blue 122 (ROSE)Rosaplast Bve R DMC-1015
Solvent Violet 13 (BASF)Sicosty Red Blue 68-405 DMC-303
Disperse Violet 26 (ROSE)Rosaplast Violet E 4R DMC-306
Solvent Violet 31 (ORIENT)Kiwalon Polyester Violet 2RE DMC-307
Disperse Violet 28    
Solvent Violet 36 (DYSTAR)Macrolex Violet 3R DMC-308
Solvent Violet 37 (CLH)Sandoplast Violet EBL DMC-309
Solvent Black 3 (BASF)Neptun Black X 60 DMC-901

Mail application: 1,Plastic and Polymer dyeing

2,Fiber dyeing

3,Oil dyeing

4,Fuel dyeing

5,Wax dyeing

6,Candle dyeing

7,Paint colorant

8,Shoe polish

9,Smoke dyeing

10,Printing Ink colorant

11,Pen ink colorant

12,Detergent colorant

13,Fertilizer dyeing

14,Adhesive dyeing
Package: 10kg,25kg bags or drums

highly recommended recommended limited suitability